Co-existence of sustainability and handmade

By Konark Ogra 3 years ago . 2 minute read

Cities around the world are progressing towards a new future with a growing urban population which accounts for 54%. This number is projected to be 66% by 2050, which means that world cities will be home to more than six billion people in the coming decades. Environmentalists, Authorities of World Forums across are pushing their best to educate citizens to save a better future.

Do you really want to save the planet?

It is widely considered a city to be livable where the city livers contribute by reducing water, energy, controls air pollution, do not make unnecessary usage of natural resources.

There are many simple things which as a civilian you can do for the environment. Going Green is now easier due to considerations such as the usage of recycled products including clothes, compost all your solid waste and use handmade products. Let’s develop a Sustainable Living Plan with the vision of a better tomorrow for everyone

Here are just some of the ways we have been building a better business and a better world. Brand collections include

  • Eco-Friendly Home Décor in WoodCraft, Ceramics and Organic Threads
  • Handmade Barware collections
  • Handmade Grooming collection for Men
  • Health and Well Being Mats to name a few…

Swap out the use of plastic and reduce your carbon footprint with these handmade alternatives, to begin with. In real sense handmade doesn’t mean just creating products but it definitely ensures purpose to solve the real problem. Ruralhandmade is committed to connecting the millennial of today with the right set of products which are handmade, carries fusion sustainable and has meaningful data design thought work. Our company is filled with purpose and passion – and that is how we’re going to achieve our goals!

High Impact, High Growth attractive direct to consumer brand in Living and Giving Space.

About Konark Ogra

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Konark Ogra is the founder of Rural Handmade. Konark is an engineer by profession, working as an engineering technology consultant across 3 continents, and now wants to revolutionise and disrupt the way people buy handmade products for the living and giving sector. Rural Handmade is “not just profit” enterprise we are looking to bring shared prosperity for rural craftsperson.