Overcoming challenges with project management

By Annie Wenu 3 years ago . 3 minute read

Have you ever had a challenge in your life?  It was a sunny day outside. I suddenly heard a big bang inside the courtroom; it was the sound of the judge hammer giving the verdict: My mother won the custody dispute and the verdict was not accepted by my biological father’s family. I was only 5 when I was separated from my mother despite her court victory. Even though we were eventually reunited, this situation impacted my personal and professional lives as I was always avoiding conflict. I have a diploma in accountancy but I was not happy to work with figures. Doing a job that you don’t like will have serious implication on your health, your personal and professional relationships. I love learning, writing, teaching, training and coaching. In order for me to do that; I needed to have a targeted and robust list of prospects so that I can impact more people and generate the necessary flow of income. Avoiding conflict led me to many challenges including marital. I developed a condition called ‘Hemi facial spasm’ on the right side of my face; a condition that affects facial nerves twitching involuntarily. There is no cure but only a treatment to manage the condition and specialists are very expensive.

My entrepreneurial and personal challenges have only helped to redefine my purpose and rise from setbacks and project manage my life and business in order to reach success.  I founded my business Life Quality Improvement Coaching and Consultancy (LQIC) eight years ago, a personal and professional coaching service specialised in life coaching and now in project management coaching for professionals and businesses. With a coaching certification in my possession, I went on getting a BSc in Business Management with Human Resource Management and a Masters in Applied Project Management Enterprise Management pathway.

I am now a Project Management coach, speaker and author helping professionals and businesses to achieve their dreams or business goals by turning their passion into successful projects so that they move to the next level by following 3 simple steps process:

  • Identify with clarity what you want to achieve.  Lack of clarity will lead you to a wrong project, having a wrong career or a wrong business!
  • Identify your challenges, uncover the root cause and deal with it.  You need to dig deep into the root and uncover the cause otherwise it is a temporary fix!
  • Start working on your project by using project management principles to increase the chance of success

A project can be in anything as long as you want to produce something that is unique and with a start and end date and that aligns with your values and purpose. When there is an obstacle in your way, you will not going to be stressed out and give up!

Every challenge we are faced with has a purpose, it is for a learning lesson for other people and for the generation to come.

About Annie Wenu

Founder, LQIC

Annie Wenu is a project management coach, speaker and author. She is the founder of Life Quality Improvement Coaching and Consultancy (LQIC), a personal and professional coaching service that specialises in project management for professionals and businesses. With a Diploma in Accountancy, a Bachelor Degree in Business Management and a Masters in project management, Annie helps people to get more out of their lives by following a 3 step simple process.

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