Launching a natural hair care business

By Janine Van Throo 3 years ago . 3 minute read

Back in 2004 when I started my first webshop, I imported hair care products and offered them to my customers in the Netherlands where I then lived.  Since then, my journey as a business owner has gone through so many stages and phases and has transformed drastically. Today, I am a Natural Hair Therapist and product formulator. My products focus on natural hair, meaning afro and curly hair that has not been chemically treated.

The demand for natural hair care is increasing. In 2006, 2 years after I started my webshop ‘Sisay’, customers started asking me if I could treat their hair as well.  Since I love adventure, I jumped on that boat and started to look around to enhance my knowledge on natural hair, just to find that there was none! Until now, natural hair was not included in the education at hairdressing schools and colleges.

Through trial and error, I learned how to treat my own natural hair, this knowledge I then translated into how to treat other people’s hair. I remember having many discussions with several parties that were offering education on hair back then. None of them saw the advantage of adding natural hair to their curriculum since it was ‘ just a trend’. I remember being offended since they referred to the texture that I have been born with as ‘ just a trend’.

Since I could not find a quality education, I decided to create one myself. It took me almost a decade to gather, learn, unlearn lots and lots of information to put together a course on how to become a Natural Hair Therapist – Not just a Natural Hair Therapist, but a NISH certified therapist. NISH is a holistic hair care approach and stands for Nutrition-Ingredients-Scalp care-Hair maintenance.

What is a nish certified natural hair therapist?

As a NISH certified Natural Hair Therapist, you do more than just styling hair. You are aware and conscious about the impact of nutrition on your health and on hair. You are able to recognise the different types of hair loss and you will be able to refer clients to the doctor or dermatologist if needed. You will be able to treat different scalp and hair conditions and coach people to healthy hair and scalp. You know what the effect of certain ingredients are and why you should or should not use them on a certain hair structure. You will be able to determine, based on ingredients if a product would be suitable for a certain client or not. You will be able to give advice on how to treat hair and scalp, run workshops and your own business.

Is being or becoming a natural hair therapist only for afro and curly hair?

Absolutely not! The NISH philosophy can be applied to everyone, regardless of hair structure, the colour of skin or religion. The only difference will be the type of products you will use and the techniques to be applied on several structures. My goal is to have educated and certified 5000 new Natural Hair Therapists by the end of 2020 globally.

About Janine Van Throo

Founder, Just Natural Consulting

Janine Van Throo, founder of Just Natural Consulting and Sisay Cosmetics, is an award winning author, international speaker, natural hair therapist and product formulator. With over 15 years of experience, Janine’s NISH hair care philosophy and certification programme specialises in afro and curly hair education; she trains hair therapists globally on how to cater for natural hair. She also produces natural and organic hair and skin care products.