How to improve wellbeing in the office

By Stef Brown 3 years ago . 4 minute read

People are the greatest asset in a business. Taking care of their health makes business sense. Employers invest a lot of money providing subsidised gym memberships to their employees in order to encourage them to exercise and bring in massage therapists and meditation experts to the office on certain days to help employees release stress. They even provide on- site restaurants and cafes with nutritious meals.  However, businesses are overlooking one simple tactic that can increase mental alertness and physical energy in their workers with very little effort and money. This is providing them with the right water to drink.

When we talk about productivity in the workplace keeping employees well hydrated is very important. Most people do not take the sufficient amount of water needed for them to function well because drinking a pint of tap water makes you bloated and gives you a heavy feeling in your stomach.  Drinking tap water is not enjoyable. People drink coffees and teas instead, thinking that they will give them an energy boost, when in fact coffee leads to an energy slump in the long run and exacerbates the dehydration problem.

According to Dr Batmanghelidj, “You are not what you eat; you are what you drink.” Our bodies are 75% water, so the quality of water we drink is more important than the quality of food we eat.

The idea that our health is dependent on water is not a new one, but the concept of water quality is somewhat novel. Even today, with more choice than ever, many remain uninformed about what constitutes good healthy water.  We are not taught about water properties at school and we should be.  Most people now know that water can be alkaline or acidic, but the extent of their knowledge stops there.

Did you know that water has structure?  Did you know that the size of water molecules cluster is very important?  Have you heard of the term microclustered water or hexagonal water?

Did you know that water can be the most potent antioxidant on earth?  Do you know what type of water NASA astronauts drink? If water is just water, it should not matter what type of water is given to astronauts and top athletes.  They should just drink tap water. The fact is that they do not. These high performing people drink special water. Let us break down what constitutes good quality water.

Most organisations have free water fountains or bottled water coolers in their kitchens and canteens but these dispense distilled water or reverse osmosis water.  These waters are dead waters. They have lost their electrical charge. The body needs negative ions and electrolytes in order to sustain cell to cell communication.  Some sports drinks companies have even made a whole business out of this by actively advertising that their drink contains electrolytes. Lucozade for example have launched a product called fit water that contains calcium, magnesium and salt and the advertising slogan is Electrolyze your exercise

KANGEN water is a ‘Free radical scavenger’ with measurable anti-oxidant properties, which are many times higher than the most potent food and herbal supplements. It is the King of antioxidants.  Did you know that water can be a liquid antioxidant?

Kangen water, which is rich in active hydrogen, is your fountain of youth. Hollywood stars choose to drink Kangen water, top athletes drink Kangen water as well as health conscious people in Las Vegas and California. Don’t be fooled by water bottles with bioceramic spheres inside that claim to produce hydrogen.  Get the hydrogen values measured.

A Kangen Water® machine is the size of a coffee maker that attaches to the faucet on your sink and separates tap water into alkaline and acidic water.  There are 7 different pH levels you can choose from that consist of Kangen Water (pH8.5, pH9.0, pH9.5) used for drinking, making tea or coffee and cooking/ Clean Water (pH7.0) same as tap water to be taken with medicine or preparing baby formula/ Beauty Water (pH6.0) used for Skin Care/Strong Acidic Water (pH2.5) to be used as a disinfectant or cleaning/and Strong Kangen Water® (pH11.0) which has the power to dissolve tough stains and cut through grease.


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