How to be a successful woman in business

By Eula Clarke 3 years ago . 3 minute read

With 42 years of experience in the banking industry, I have had first-hand experience of how women struggle to grow in male-dominated industries. I excelled as an Assistant VP, ultimately winning Woman of The Year. I produced a workshop which was attended by over 200 people. This workshop inspired me to launch my own consultancy when I retired. I help other women by looking at their business plans, teaching them how they can perform best, performance management and skill training.

Clarke and Associates Ltd. is a consultancy aimed to help women break down the glass ceiling in order to become effective leaders. I am a performance expert and help like-minded women to prosper in their chosen field through evaluating business plans, inspiring motivation and determination.

The advice I would like to share for running a successful business is to ensure you have a well-structured business plan; one that is robust and strategic. This will enable you to focus on growth within your business and also any declining trends. This plan must be reviewed on a monthly basis to either update success or remove actions that were not successful.

Business plans must have achievable and stretch goals ensure these are written down and dated. I would say these goals must be specific and smart so that you can measure your success. Look at doing a SWOT analysis to brainstorm your Business this will keep you ahead of your competition.

I would recommend setting  goals which are made up of the following :

  • The What: What is the outcome you are trying to achieve.
  • The Why: Why is this important and why do you want it.
  • The How: How is this the most important one in detailed steps how do you plan to make it happen?
  • The When: what are the target dates and deadlines to achieve.

Whatever time it will take you to complete your project or goals, ensure that you allocate the time and you will be able to achieve them. Setting deadlines or timeframe create urgency.

I would also suggest having Customer Service goals and business plan . The Customers business plan will support you with customer retention, look at ways to support and get fresh clients. This is also an excellent way for you to receive feedback on ways to improve your service or get a pat on the back for service well done.

Goals must be clear and have a substance to the goal. I would also advise that when looking at the Who section, a team member can also support you in achieving this section of the goal. Planning is also key to be able to prioritise your objectives and be able to use a weekly check-in.

About Eula Clarke

CEO, Clarkes Health

Eula Clarke is a women leadership and performance expert. As the founder of Clarke and Associated Ltd, Eula helps women to break down the glass ceiling and become experts in their field. Eula is a seasoned corporate finance expert but after retirement chose to specifically work with women to help them become effective leaders. Eula is also the CEO of Clarkes Health, an all organic, all natural health and wellbeing company that specialises in detox tea amongst a diverse range of products. Eula’s personal experience of going from a size 20 to 14 has motivated her to help everyone change their lives.