Following your passion and listening to your audience

By Vicky Shilling 3 years ago . 3 minute read

Hello my name is Vicky Shilling and I’m a wellness industry business coach, helping entrepreneurs grow inspiring and sustainable wellness businesses.

But I didn’t always do this. For the first decade of my career I worked in the music industry – working with classical music orchestras and by the end of that time, taking them on international tours to countries like China, Argentina and Iceland.

When I tell most people about this part of my journey they can’t believe I ever left. Travelling around the world? Listening to music? What’s not to like?

But gradually I was falling out of love with the music industry and in love with the world of wellness.

Having suffered with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) for years I took a stand and made big changes to my diet and lifestyle in 2016 and started a blog to track my journey and experience.

Suddenly a whole new world opened up. I soaked up the positive, ambitious and entrepreneurial spirit I found in wellness through social media and networks like the Health Bloggers Community.

And yet…. I could never quite work out what I wanted to do to give back to this amazing new industry. I wanted to help, to be a part of it. But I didn’t want to be a Health Coach, a nutritionist or a yoga instructor. What was my place in all this?

It was only when I really started listening to my audience that the path became clear.

Because despite writing a healthy living blog for years, the truth was very few people were asking me for tips on what to eat or how to feel healthier.

Instead, they were asking me: how did I start my website? How did I get to work with brands? How do I use Pinterest to get people to visit my blog? How did I take food photos?

And do you know what? These were the questions I really enjoyed answering! I loved being able to share tips and tools that I had discovered. I loved helping people get their website looking the way they wanted or understanding how to engage better on social media. I loved helping people set up their wellness businesses, far more than I loved the idea of helping people eat and live healthily.

Initially, I was incredibly resistant to this. Surely as a health blogger, my purpose here was to spread the word about eating whole foods, the importance of mindfulness and all those other practical ways to stay healthy?

But in fact resistance eventually became futile. The truth was by listening to my audience I understood who I truly was in this community, how I was viewed and in fact how I could have the biggest impact of all. My work is not just helping my audience be healthier. My work helps wellness business owners reach their audiences and spread health and wellness messages even further than I could ever do alone.

The biggest lesson for me in following my passion has been to truly trust and listen to my audience. Without them and their feedback, I would never have been able to identify what I want to do.

If you’re struggling with knowing what your purpose is and who you’re here to serve, ask yourself these questions:

  • What do I love to do?
  • What am I naturally drawn to?
  • What do friends and family know me for and ask me for help and advice with?
  • What do people online ask me about the most?

Tapping into these things and staying true to them is the best way to find a passion and a career that you will feel love for over many years. They are your inherent strengths and the reason you’re here. Follow that purpose.

About Vicky Shilling

Founder, Vicky Shilling

Vicky Shilling is a coach, helping wellness industry entrepreneurs turn their business ideas into reality. If you want to start your own wellness business you can download Vicky’s Just Start Now checklist on her website, containing 10 essential steps you can start taking action on right now.