How a failed startup lead to the creation of our business

By Ronald Cummings-John 2 years ago . 6 minute read

“Another bug?” I cried out loud.
It was out of frustration that my co-founder Owais Peer and I created Global App Testing in 2013. Our startup, PS Beauty, a search engine for the beauty industry, was failing fast – and all because of bugs.

We were obsessed with growing PS Beauty. After pouring our seed investment into our idea, we were working hard to execute it. But our excitement to launch a global beauty search engine from scratch was met with a seemingly endless number of bugs in our software. Every time we fixed one problem with our app, five more appeared, each one more impactful than the last. And it wasn’t just our team finding bugs – our customers were too. Bad reviews on the app store were becoming commonplace, and customers were leaving at an alarming rate.

So what was going wrong?

Quality was the problem.
Customers came to us expecting a seamless experience end to end, as the majority of software users do. When this expectation of quality wasn’t met, customers abandoned the app, looking for another product that was slicker than what we were providing. Lack of quality was strangling the company. We soon realised that software issues weren’t just minor inconveniences, but they can lead to huge losses, or even kill entire companies.

The next step

We founded Global App Testing to enable other organisations to deal effectively with the same issues that killed our startup. Our aim is to help QA and Engineering teams to overcome the same challenges, achieve global growth, and release high-quality software at speed. Our first-hand experience meant that we could see the value in quality, and the need for effective software testing in every company.

6 years later, hundreds of leading brands including, Microsoft, General Electric, Google and Oath rely on our testing services. We enable teams to test in over 105 countries with 25,000+ vetted professional testers. This allows customers to deliver high-quality products with minimal testing effort. But we haven’t stopped there. After speaking to other founders, VPs of Engineering, and CEOs, we realised that the question of how to approach QA strategy was at the forefront of their minds. These discussions lead us to an idea: a book!

Enter our Amazon best-selling book: Leading Quality. It’s the ultimate guide to becoming a leader of quality, mastering strategic decisions and enabling teams to accelerate growth. In it, you can learn from our business story, as well as many other stories from the engineering & QA teams from the likes of Google, Etsy, New York Times, GitHub, King, HelloFresh and more. Find out more about Leading Quality: How Great Leaders Deliver High Quality Software & Accelerate Growth here.

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Ronald Cummings-John has spent years building companies and writing software. After selling his first startup, he’s now scaling up Global App Testing – a VC backed crowdsourced testing platform with over 20,000 professional testers globally, which was selected as one of the fastest growing technology companies in the United Kingdom.