Changing the dialogue around inclusion

By Catalyst Collective 2 years ago . 5 minute read

Diversity is a hot topic at the moment – everyone has their tick boxes and KPIs. Creating inclusive workplaces is complex and challenging otherwise we’d all have done it by now! In our experience, to actually bring about transformational change takes time with intentional consistent effort, leaders need to walk the talk, and become aware of bias, privilege and how it plays out inside organisational systems and shows up in our own leadership. This is fun challenging and hard work, AND we believe significant change is possible!

We founded Catalyst Collective in 2017 with a passion to influence more organisations around the inclusion agenda, and to convene and host brave conversations to catalyse this.

We’re resourcing a global community of world changing women to step up and lead with courage, including women in Sweden, US, Ireland, Sierra Leaone, Italy, Indonesia, and Canada.

We find ourselves working with organisational leadership around issues of power, privilege, bias, gender pay, ethnicity pay gap, allyship, having uncomfortable conversations, dialogue co –creating new ways of working that allow everyone to flourish.

Katy’s background is in international NGOs, and organisation development with global commercial companies. Fi’s background is in financial services and directorships within NHS and Government Bodies. We are facilitators, consultants, coaches, change agents and online entrepreneurs– often wearing multiple hats!

Our superpowers are to translate complex realities and make actionable strategies. We’ve each led and designed award-winning leadership development programmes and we love to speak at events and conferences where we can share our passion and energy to catalyse others to step into their power.

As white, cis, straight, able-bodied women, we are aware that we have significant privilege. We’re pushing into what it means to leverage our privilege, to elevate voices who have historically not held power or had airtime – and challenging the organizations we work with to do the same This means creating brave spaces for having conversations which may feel uncomfortable – asking questions such as How often do men and women talk together in your org about what inclusion and exclusion feels like? and How often do white women really listen to the experiences of women of colour?

We’re also on a massive learning curve and rollercoaster ride as we scale and leverage our business in the online space.


About Catalyst Collective

Founders, Catalyst Collective

We create programmes and resources to equip women to step up and lead with courage and we resource D+I professionals and those who want to create more inclusive organisations with practical strategies that make a difference.

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