Beauty must come from within

By Nicola Barrett 3 years ago . 2 minute read

Nicola Barrett – ready for business!

Nicola was born in Jamaica in 1973 but, after divorcing her husband, came to the UK with her family in 2001. As the eldest daughter, Nicola found herself having to take on a lot of responsibilities. Nicola was determined to make something of herself so she went back to college and studied legal studies.

She ended up working in the legal environment but still wasn’t happy working in that field. Eventually, Nicola went on to study a diploma in Beauty Therapy whilst working at the Citizen Advice Bureau. In 2016, whilst working at the Learner Progress Academy, Nicola experienced a life-changing moment. She was a passenger in a friends’ car when they were hit by a drunk driver. Nicola was badly hurt.

Whilst recovering, there was time to think about what she wanted to do.

After thinking long and hard about her qualifications and certifications, she decided to go and fulfil her passion which was beauty. Nicola found herself getting a second chance at life and founded Prestige Intouch. No matter what hurdles you been through once you put your mind to something useful and creative you can do it. Nicola deals with both the inner and outer of the individual; she wants others to feel good from the inside out!

The difference between Nicola and other therapists is that she looks at the person from their heart not there disability, race, gender or sexuality. Everyone should be treated equally. No matter who you are Nicola knows we are each born for a reason, that is because we are each a wonderful, special thing.

“Beauty is from the heart not what you look like or what you wear. Showing love and kindness to everyone that is the beautiful thing that anyone can share” – Nicola Barrett

About Nicola Barrett

Founder, Prestige Intouch

Nicola is the Founder and CEO of Prestige Intouch, a Mobile Beauty Service that works with a wide range of Natural and Organic Products. Nicola wants everyone to feel and look good, wherever and whenever. Nicola's beauty treatments are specifically targeted at those who are housebound. She believes that everyone should have access to treatments that allow them to feel better and for their beauty to shine from within.