Avoid burn out through breathing

By Feodor Kouznetsov 3 years ago . 3 minute read

Classical meditation did not help soothe my unrest and fears. Failures in business and family kept me awake at night. Somehow, I did not give up and continued to experiment – mixing what worked and building my own solutions based on the ancient basics. All I wanted was to be healthy again, to start over and keep on creating cool tech.

I realised that the most difficult thing was to force myself to temporarily space out – any time, anywhere. Eventually, I found the way. That is how formula.life was born.

A year after my burnout, old friends and colleagues started to notice that I had changed. I looked healthy and I was calm, which is quite unusual for me. People were asking: “What are doing?” and “How can you just sleep in the middle of everything? ”

The thing is, I wasn’t sleeping. I was there, fully aware inside a sleeping body. I learned to put my body into sleep by will. But each time, when I tried to explain it, I was running out of words. I found it impossible to describe. Could I write the formula down on a piece of paper? I discovered, I couldn’t reproduce the sequence because it involved both visual and audio parts.

I was already working on my new fintech startup, but I just couldn’t help it – I had to continue with the formula as an app. Perhaps, it was not the best practice to do many projects at the same time. However, my new breathing technique trained me to do 5 things at a time on the deepest organic level, which reflected my whole life.

I started to get more time for everything and see further ahead. I was calm, just breathing my technique every single day. I still do. I have learned more about my body in the last 3 years than in my entire life. The goal is to be aware of breathing, but not controlling it. The body knows what to do, you just need to let it. Now, I must admit, I had no clue how to go about the idea of transferring my new technique to an app. All I knew was that it really had to work!

Essentially, I wanted to be it’s most devoted users. It took 2 and a half years, a lot of R&D and money to produce what you will see today. I was adding and adding to it as I kept on discovering new stuff related to the technique. Until I knew that was it.

This technique is not a mediation. This is more a breathing brain drill. It lets you create a void between the thought chain links. I know for a fact today, that meditation, which in my opinion is hugely commercialised, has nothing to do with doing. It is a state of being, everything else which is referred to as “meditation” of any kind, is an exercise, but that is just my opinion.

Formula.life is a personal trainer (and an escape) for busy people, for founders and entrepreneurs, for professionals, especially for those who don’t want to hear about esoteric stuff and meditation.

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Feodor Kouznetsov, founder of Formula Life, is a serial entrepreneur, tech and breathing innovator. Feodor teaching professionals breathing techniques in order to silence the mind and truly understand your surroundings. Formula Life allows you take a micro power nap and can immediately stop a panic attack. Feodor specialises in digital detox, breathing and relaxation techniques.

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