“It’s been a long journey… but now i see it all coming together”

By Sandrine Galbert 1 year ago . 5 minute read

Sandrine was always driven to be an entrepreneur. Originally from Martinique, she studied fashion design in Paris before arriving in London at the age of 19, with just a backpack and a French/English dictionary. Shortly after arriving in London she found herself on the streets after her money being stolen. Luckily a friend from Paris was running a model agency in London and Sandrine was offered a position as a booker. Sandrine soon realised she wanted to run her own business.

Her first love was, and will always be fashion

Sandrine studied Fashion Design in Paris at La Chamber Syndicale De La Haute Couture. Days after her graduation, she got an apprentice position at Pacco Rabbane Design Studio and was running various Paris fashion weeks, dressing the young Naomi Campbell, to name a few. She felt very at home in that world and within a couple of years, started her own modelling agency in London, befriending the likes of Isabella Blow of VOGUE, Philip Tracy and many more. The business was doing well; her models were working with affluent designers for London Fashion Week and Fashion TV in Monaco to name a few.

Career change

After giving birth to her daughter, Sandrine realised that she had to make different choices – it was time for a change. She gave up her agency to focus on motherhood, a choice she has never regretted. As time went on, Sandrine realised raising a child as a single mum in a country where she had no family, was difficult and she decided to go back into education and completed a (Hons) BA Business Studies.

Studying for her degree made her stronger and more determined to launch another business and this time, to do it properly. Her understanding of business was so much greater after the course, it was like night and day, and she wanted to put her new found knowledge to use.

The business idea

As a woman, you often feel self-conscious about your skin. Sandrine suffered from eczema, mainly on her face, and this resulted in low self-esteem. Sandrine tried every product recommended by doctors. Prescribed tablets, medicated creams, harsh soaps and tap water only seemed to make the problem worse.

Until one day, whilst attending her Grandmother’s 100th birthday, who strongly advised her to use the locally made artisanal coconut and avocado cream and soap. Sandrine decided she had nothing to lose and tried her grandmother’s recommendation.
Within that summer Sandrine’s eczema was gone. And never came back.

It was at this point, Sandrine started to believe in all the herbal advice her grandmother had given her and she made the decision to switch from Toxic to Natural skin care. Her skin began to look healthier, more glowy, and eventually, she found her small lines reducing as well.

The only inconvenience was that she would often run out of her magic cream and had to wait until next holiday to Martinique to stock up with more products. This is where her business idea began.

Introducing Macob

Every year Sandrine would attend African and Caribbean events in London and noticed the amount of people flocking to market stalls to purchase African/Caribbean plant-based skin care and an increasing demand for authentic organic toxic free skin care. She tried some of the products and thought “my grandmother’s recipes that helped keep my eczema at bay are just as good, if not better.”

She spent 2016 completing market research, putting in place a business model and strategy, developing the website and testing products to launch the business.

MACOB is now a full online boutique and marketplace, for artisanal vendors of organic beauty care products as well as owning her own Skin care and wellbeing range. MACOB focuses on three organic categories: Skin Care, Beauty Cosmetics and wellbeing. All the products on MACOB are toxic free, cruelty-free and vegan. They are made with raw fruits and plants to unleash the full potential that our skin desperately needs to combat city pollution, sun damage and sensitivity. MACOB now sells in Paris, South of France, Los Angeles, New York, Dubai, and of course across the UK.

Part of MACOS ethos is to give back. Sandrine created a business that allowed her to give back by helping mentor the youth by giving talks in university and participating in panels for young entrepreneur programmes. Macob also helped orphanage in Africa, and create fund to send children in Sierra Leone to school.

“There are so many ways to define success. If you can make your living doing something you are passionate about, without treading on other people to get there, then I’d say you are succeeding at life.”
– Sandrine Galbert

About Sandrine Galbert

Founder, Macob

Sandrine Galbert is the founder of Macob, an online marketplace that specialises in Organic. Toxic Free products from Africa and the Caribbean. Focusing on three organic categories: Skin Care, Beauty Cosmetics and wellbeing.

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