Fantastic Services ‘360 degrees happiness’

By Rune Sovndahl 1 year ago . 5 minute read

Fantastic Services, established by Rune Sovndahl and Anton Skarlatov, is one of the leading domestic and home maintenance companies in the UK. The founders met at a party. Rune needed a carpet cleaning service and Anton was running a cleaning business. While talking, they both realised that they shared a vision – to revolutionise this industry by creating a trustworthy brand. With Anton’s know-how of the cleaning business and Rune’s ability to be two steps ahead in terms of planning and ideas, they were able to respond to people’s demands. Making customers lives happier and easier is the company’s driving force. What they talked about at the party was soon going to turn into a business worth millions. So, with two laptops and a phone to share, the company was born.

It first started in 2009 as a cleaning company called Fantastic Cleaners. However, the creative and caring manner of their work allowed them to build a business including and combining so much more. The sub-brands were combined under the umbrella of what is known now as Fantastic Services. What unites them is the high quality performance and professional attitude, welcoming everyone to the Fantastic Family. At this stage, the company’s portfolio covers such a vast variety of services from cleaning and gardening to handyman and home removals, that it has become the one-stop shop for all home needs.

The CEO of Fantastic Services, one of the largest franchise companies in its field, Rune Sovndahl, has created a corporate philosophy called “360 degrees happiness”. The idea is to treat everyone as a partner and make sure that everybody is happy – from customers to Pros, all the way to Managers and Directors.

What helps the founders continue developing the business is their pro-active personalities and brave characters always ready to discuss new strategies and ideas.

The results speak for themselves – around 2,000 professionals, reaching homes and businesses via branded vehicles, and over 160 partners serving more than 330,000 happy clients. Fantastic Services is a self-funded company that operates across the UK, USA and Australia, with an estimated £32 ($42) million turnover in 2017 in the UK alone.

About Rune Sovndahl

CEO & Co-Founder, Fantastic Services

Rune Sovndahl, 41, co-founder and CEO of Fantastic Services - an online platform where clients can book professional domestic services providers such as plumbers, gardeners and cleaners. Mr Sovndahl, who is Danish, moved to London almost 20 years ago to go to South Bank University. Following completion of his degree he was accepted onto a graduate programme with British Telecom and most recently he worked for as Group SEO Manager. He has built his domestic services business from scratch to a point where they serve 330,000 clients in London, the South East and the North West of England. With an estimated £32m turnover in 2017, it is easily the largest home services provider in London, yet the company has been self-financed since the outset. As well as the UK, Fantastic Services is already established as a leader in Australia and the USA.

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