Escort to entrepreneur

By Angelika Breukers 2 years ago . 3 minute read

Sometimes the thing that changes you is yourself. Thought patterns, belief systems and attitudes are accrued throughout life, imprinting heavily in childhood. It is these very things that can be changed to change your story and change for life.

Angelika had very traumatic experiences early in life. Since birth, Angelika experienced domestic violence, verbal, emotional and physical abuse which escalated to sexual abuse at the age of 5. This imprinted in her shame, low self-esteem, worthlessness and a sense of not belonging. When she was 9, her father said she would be working as a prostitute to make him money. And the seed was planted.

After working as an escort for 10 years, Angelika found a way out. Angelika realised that she had to accept her past and the things she cannot change in order to gain her power back and self improve. She set the intention and eventually found the courage to leave, knowing there must be more to life, and entered the corporate world.

Angelika said yes to an opportunity to become a sales administrator in the IT industry which was the second step to a better life. This gave her the stability and confidence to explore her own self-development.

With a burning desire to change her perspective and ultimately change her life, she started to work with her limiting beliefs and attitudes which helped her to attract more positive people in to her life. She practiced as a Bowen Therapist and learn techniques to achieve the things she desired.

For Angelika, it’s all about alignment; aligning oneself to their life purpose. On the way to success we seem to experience what we call ‘failure.’ It’s remembering that this ‘failure’ is a sign that you’ve taken action and gained feedback about what you can do differently next time. Our way of thinking creates our reality, so our mindset and actions need to be in line and in truth to our purpose.

Angelika’s journey set her in good stead for helping other people gain a different perspective in order to live a life that brings them joy. Not wanting her experiences to go to waste, she now teaches others the steps that she took to transform. She is an advocate for self empowerment, providing people with tools to build resilience and transform their lives.

In 2017 Angelika published her book “Free To Be Me”, which has a 3-step methodology to change for life. This is the methodology that helped her to move forward in life. These methods have been refined and developed to change Angelika’s life and now she teaches the ABC steps to help people become truly themselves and reconnect with who they really are by guiding people through mentoring and facilitating workshops.

‘You never know what’s around the corner’
If we expect positive surprises that will fill us with joy this is very powerful, and we can then become more excited about life.

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Founder, Angelika Breukers

Angelika Breukers is an author, speaker and workshop facilitator with a background in Bowen Therapy. A change maker who after changing her own life has dedicated her career to helping others change their story and change for life with her acceptance, belief, choice (ABC) program.