“Engineer to entrepreneur”

By Phyllis Marlene Benstein 1 year ago . 5 minute read

For many years my life was defined by Corporate America. Although my roots were in the fashion and beauty industry, I graduated from college with a B.S. in Electrical engineering and began my 25-year career in a male dominated, fast paced and demanding environment as a high frequency (Rf) design engineer. I loved the technical aspects of my job but struggled with the egos and negativities in a male dominated environment, further coupled with the glass ceiling, trying to be a wife, mom of four little children and have work life balance. About 14 years into that career I was introduced to direct sales. For many years I worked my beauty business alongside my tech career. But I continued to fall in love with the environment, freedom, flexibility, extreme positivity and the opportunity to work with other passionate and dedicated entrepreneurial men and women.

I have four beautiful children that after working 8-12 hours a day in corporate and an often-heavy travel schedule, I came home to spent and grumpy. Every time I had a bad day at work, my guilt and frustration over not being able to spend more time with them, really took a toll on my mental well-being. Additionally, as the years went on my core values, and beliefs no longer matched my tech companies. I knew I was meant for more.

I’m passionate about clean living, safe products, raising the awareness about harmful toxins, and living life to the fullest on my terms and helping others do the same. I started my latest business in January of 2015. I was invited by my friend and previous business partner, Toni, to look at an anti-aging, naturally based hair care line that was a game-changer and the first of its kind. I was hair challenged and thought the worst thing that would happen was that I’d have great hair. I joined and became a U.S. Founding leader in just 8 months and the first Monat Cadillac earner in Illinois.

People know me as the Global Hair Diva! and I’m building an international client base and team, passionate about helping others be healthy, happy, fulfilled and living their dream life being their best versions of themselves, and of course have great hair.

My tag line is “Conscious Beauty, Why Wait” and I promote and sell a line of anti-aging, toxin free, gluten free, vegan, cruelty free, naturally botanically based line of hair care that helps people with their most severe hair issues including hair loss. It even makes great hair, even better! Through workshops, speaking, and signature events I educate the public, health and hair professionals about toxins to avoid in their hair products and how to have healthy, strong, shiny, manageable hair no matter what age.

My proudest two moments are raising my two daughters and two sons and transitioning from engineer in corporate to a successful entrepreneur. I’m a difference maker and I focus on the impact I can make on people’s lives through products, education, training, and mentorship. I listen and then recommend solutions. I provide tips and facts about ingredients, and products. I build relationships with people.

My product target market is people, health and hair professionals who are personally and environmentally conscious of the adverse effects of toxins. My niche markets are people with sensitivities, allergies, and chronic illnesses aggravated by toxins, as well as people with hair loss and or unmanageable ethnic hair.

My business opportunity market is individuals looking for an additional stream of income, new career, an option to also transition from employee to entrepreneur, or those seeking an additional way to be a difference maker.

I love face to face interaction but market via social media, Instagram, and Facebook lives, and live speaking. I have third party tools available to share both the products and the business.

My value proposition is I provide hope for people to safely renew, revive, and restore their hair and or create their dream lives.

About Phyllis Marlene Benstein

Founding Leader and Independent Market Partner, Monat Global

Phyllis Marlene Benstein is an international speaker, best selling author, Founding Leader and Independent Market Partner with Monat Global, as well as a beauty influencer. With a background in electrical engineering, Phyllis is a role model for others to transition from Corporate to Entrepreneurship and have a successful second career after 50.

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