Business meeting in a coffee shop?

By Chris Green 3 years ago . 6 minute read

The bond between coffee and work is forever. It has long been the staple drink for employees in offices, leading to pumped workers, ones with alert brains ready to tackle the tasks of the day. So important is the drink that previous workers have even threatened to strike when bosses tried to put a stop to their coffee breaks (Chrysler in 1964).

Coffee was introduced to Britain in the 17th century, having previously caught the taste buds of many Europeans during visits to the Middle East.

It wasn’t until the mid-1600s that England’s first coffee shop was opened by a Jewish man called Jacob in Oxford in 1650. From that point on, there was an explosion of coffee shops. Social and safe – a perfect neutral venue.

Coffee, work, neutral venue; you can see why when all three combine you get a place where you can feel relaxed having a meeting with your boss.

We see a lot of meetings here at Oliver’s and it’s always nice to be able to provide that relaxing, attentive service to everyone, no matter what part of their day they are at. We think this is exactly the reason why meetings in cafés are here to stay and we think it says everything about the expectations of cafés in general.

Long gone are they days of meetings in a magnolia room with blue carpets and those lights that make you nod off (well, for most people).

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