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By Andrew Jervis 1 year ago . 3 minute read

Andrew Jervis is the Co-founder and CEO of ClickMechanic, a car repair marketplace that is aiming to transform how people get their vehicle repaired. His experience and knowledge of enterprise are steeped in years of being surrounded by investors and close business allies.

His journey started building a merchandise company that sold thousands of accessories while balancing his university studies and high-level commitments to the enterprise society. Then his master’s thesis was spent building the concept of ClickMechanic which Andrew immediately started pitching to potential angel investors. He came down to London to co-found ClickMechanic with Felix and within a couple days they had a site up.

It was a basic form but with £100 AdWords credit they managed to get their first customer quickly but there was one problem, they had no mechanics to complete the booking. As the business grew, the co-founders found themselves constantly on the phone to help organise the smooth transition of bookings, so their initial hire was a full-time customer service intern. Over the last 5 years, this intern has gone on to lead several teams and has now transitioned into the development team.

ClickMechanic has ballooned from just the two founders to a thirty person operation. This has transformed the start-up grind into an exercise in management, holding monthly company-wide updates and getting people excited about putting maximum effort in each day. Founding multiple hugely successful businesses and being closely linked to several high profile investors means that Andrew Jervis has a wealth of experience.

About Andrew Jervis

Co-founder, ClickMechanic

Andrew Jervis is the co-founder and CEO of ClickMechanic. He’s followed his grandfather, father and brother into the auto-repair industry but brings his own tech spin to the process of getting your car back on the road. The idea of ClickMechanic originated from a research masters at the University of Manchester in 2011, in which Andrew discovered that £10bn is being spent on repairs by unhappy drivers each year. Andrew quickly found a co-founder and through several start-up projects ClickMechanic had it's first angel investors

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